Our Loyalty Bonus Program

Mate Casino's unique loyalty program, designed to incentivize the platform's customers, applies to all registered users. The company offers a set of 5 introductory bonuses, each of which significantly increases your chances of winning. Below you will find more detailed information about the bonus conditions and how to become a member of the exclusive VIP club Club Mate and get additional privileges.

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Loyality Bonus Program for VIP players

Preferences What will you get?
LOYALTY we’re crazy about loyalty, so we’re always on the lookout for our most loyal players. Your love for our site won’t go unnoticed
VALUE you can demonstrate your value with regular visits, frequent deposits and withdrawals, and sessions involving big wins or losses.
FREQUENCY the more often you visit the casino, the more chance you have finding your way onto our radar.
GAMES the more casino slots and other games you play, the more you’ll stand out from the crowd. And, at Club Mate, we’re all about outstanding players.

Casino Mate motivates players with the following bonus offers as part of the basic loyalty program available to all registered players.

Welcome Bonus

This bonus can only be requested 1 time immediately after registering a new account. According to the terms of the program, you get 1400 EUR + 80 free spins with a zero wager on Second Strike if the first four deposits match. 20 free spins with zero wager for each deposit are awarded to the player under the following conditions:

  • Deposit 1: 100% up to 200 EUR + 20 free spins;
  • Deposit 2: 50% up to 300 EUR + 20 free spins;
  • Deposit 3: 50% up to 400 EUR + 20 free spins;
  • Deposit 4: 50% up to 500 EUR + 20 free spins.

The welcome bonus is activated when you make a deposit in the amount of 20 EUR or more. There are withdrawal limits of up to 5,000 EUR for winnings received through bonuses. According to the terms of the program, the player must win back the bonus before the first withdrawal of funds; otherwise, the funds may be canceled.

Surging bonus booster

This bonus is designed to strengthen the player's financial position by providing the following gifts:

  • +25% to the deposit from 20 EUR;
  • +50% to the deposit from 150 EUR.

The maximum bonus amount is 500 EUR.

“The Weekender " Bonus”

The program for “weekend players”, which includes four special offers:

  • Up to 40% match bonus;
  • 40 Dragon Perls Spins (0.25 EUR each);
  • 30% Match bonus + 20 Spinions Spins (0.10 EUR each);
  • 20 Sun of Egypt 2 Spins (1 EUR each).

The minimum deposit for the first three offers is 20 EUR, and 50 EUR for the fourth offer. There is a bonus limit of 500 EUR and 38 hours for wagering free spins.

“The Perfect Match " Bonus”

According to the bonus terms, which is activated by a promo code, the client is credited with an additional 35% on the bet with a limit of 70 EUR. You can request a bonus from the support platform.

“Money Days " Bonus”

Mate Casino chose Monday as the ”money day". On this day, when you enter the casino, you will be credited +40% on the deposit with a limit of 200 EUR face value. The player must enter the appropriate code to activate the bonus.

How bonuses are awarded: rules

Mate Casino sets a number of rules for calculating bonuses, which are presented below:

  • The bonus balance is not cashed out;
  • You can withdraw funds from the main balance only after wagering the bonus account;
  • Winnings on the bonus bet are credited to the bonus account;
  • Bonuses are active for 30 days after accrual;
  • Promo bonuses are issued for a 40-fold play-through;
  • A match bonus of 100% and a welcome bonus are issued for a 50-fold play-through;
  • Gamble and Double do not count towards wagering bonuses;
  • 1 deposit = 1 bonus.

If the client does not meet the requirements for some reason, the casino has the right to cancel the bonus within 30 days.

Club Mate

Club Mate is an exclusive club of top players on the platform. Club members receive individual privileges to increase their chances of winning.

Participation in the club gives you the opportunity to:

  • Receive exclusive bonuses;
  • Take part in VIP promotions;
  • Withdraw more funds from your account;
  • Instantly withdraw funds;
  • Enjoy other VIP privileges.

At the same time, certain requirements are imposed on club members, including:

  • Unquestioning compliance with the terms, standards, and policies of the platform;
  • Availability of the required number of bets, the number of game days, and other factors of activity;
  • Providing the site with up-to-date phone number and e-mail address;
  • The presence of a confirmed loyalty to the Casino Mate, which is determined individually.

The casino reserves the right to cancel membership in the club if it is found that the client does not meet the above requirements or the fact of abuse of the granted privileges.

How to join Club Mate

Players can become members of the club by invitation only. Getting an invitation is not difficult, you just need to play as much as possible. Even after becoming a member of the VIP club, you need to keep playing actively. Otherwise, you will lose all your benefits.

The following are the total amounts of money you play at the casino, the total amount of the deposit, the number of days spent at the casino during a certain period, and others are taken into account.

To join the club you need:

  • Click the JOIN button or write a letter to the loyalty program department by mail vip@casino-mate.com .
  • Enter the details required to register, including your email address, name, address, local currency, and phone number.
  • Verify your phone number with a verification code.

If the administrator approves your application, you will soon receive an invitation and enjoy the benefits of the VIP service.


To get a welcome bonus, you need to register on the website casino-mate.com, make a deposit of 20+ euros, and request a bonus from the support service. The bonus is credited to the bonus account immediately.

If you want to have advantages over other players and the game platform itself, it makes sense to use all the tools of the loyalty program, including participating in bonus programs.

Club Mate members receive additional privileges over other players, thereby increasing their chances of winning. If you want to become a VIP club member, you need to win back a certain number of bets, thereby proving your commitment to the gaming platform.