TOP 5 Casinos like Casino-Mate Australia

7bit CasinoCasino
7bit CasinoCasino
  • bounsUp To $500
  • free spins20 Free Spins
Casino Rocket
Casino Rocket
  • bounsUp To $1000
  • free spins150 Free Spins
FastPay Casino
FastPay Casino
  • bounsUp To $150
  • free spins100 Free Spins
Golden Crown
Golden Crown
  • bounsUp To $1000
  • free spins100 Free Spins
National Casino
National Casino
  • bounsUp To $500
  • free spins100 Free Spins


  1. Casino-Mate terms and conditions may be published in several international languages for informational purposes and easy access to players. Whan any inconsistency between the English and non-English language versions of these terms and conditions, and of the terms and conditions, the English version is always applicable.
  2. Casino-Mate is not responsible for computer or internet errors as well as attempts by the player play by methods not intended for the casino.
  3. Casino-Mate Casinos are not financial institutions, therefore no interest is charged on deposits.
  4. Casino-Mate reserves the right, at its sole discretion to add new games to casino or stop any game n the casino at any time.
  5. By opening an account at any Casino-Mate casino, the player agrees to receive correspondence from Casino-Mate and all its brands.Players can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link or by calling casino support center.
  6. By accepting any prize and/or winnings from Casino-Mate, the player agrees to the use of his name for advertising purposes without additional compensation, except in cases where this is prohibited by law. Although the casino protects all personal information entrusted to us, we reserve the right to use the Player's name and the first letter of the last name (for example, Mary J.) in any announcement by the casino regarding the results of promotions.
  7. Casino-Mate provides first-class customer service; part of this service includes support for responsible gaming. Casino-Mate's gambling liability policy is designed to protect the player and will take all reasonable steps to do so; however, Casino-Mate assumes no obligation or liability if a player voluntarily engages in gambling or attempts to use the website with the deliberate intent to negate the measures taken and/or Casino-Mate fails to enforce the policy due to external circumstances. reasonable control.
  8. Casino-Mate, its partners do not provide any credits. All real money bets must be placed using your own money or bonus money.
  9. Game providers use the latest technology. Most computers and mobile devices will support continuous gameplay. However, some games may not be supported on older devices.


  1. Players must be at least 18 years of age or older.When you open an account, you must prove that you are at least 18 years old.
  2. Casino-Mate reserves the right to request proof of age at any time to ensure that minors are not allowed to gamble.
  3. Players can not let any other person, including but not limited to minors, to participate in the Games.
  4. Casino activities and games are only open to residents of jurisdictions where such participation is not prohibited. Players acknowledge that it is their responsibility to understand the laws of their jurisdiction that may prohibit participation in an online casino.
  5. Some game providers may restrict certain jurisdictions from participating in their games.
  6. Gambling at Casino-Mate Casino is prohibited for all Casino-Mate employees, including licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, advertising or other agencies, media partners, retailers, service providers and other affiliates. and members of their immediate family.
  7. The player understands that the games are for entertainment purposes only and are at their own discretion. The player understands and acknowledges that no purchase is required to participate in the casino.
  8. If the player wants to play without real money (ie free), he / she can do so.

Account cancellation

  1. If the player has more than one active account;
  2. If the name of the player's casino account does not match the name of the credit cards or other banking methods;
  3. If a player participates in a casino promotion and receives money before meeting the requirements of that promotion;
  4. If the player provides incorrect or misleading registration information;
  5. If the player has not reached the age of majority, only those players who are allowed by law in their country or jurisdiction can participate in online games. Casino-Mate is under no circumstances responsible for compliance with the law in the jurisdiction of a particular player.
  6. If the player has allowed (intentionally or unintentionally) another to play on his casino account;
  7. If the player did not only play in the casino on an individual basis for personal entertainment (ie the player played professionally or with other players as part of a club, group, etc.);
  8. If the player has "withdrawn" purchases made using his credit card;
  9. If the player is found to be a cheater, or сasino determines that the player has used or has used a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems) designed specifically to defeat the casino;
  10. If it turns out that players are connected to each other via equipment, financial accounts and / or suspicious trends;
  11. If сasino finds out that the player has played at another online casino under any of the circumstances specified in the clauses.
  12. Casino reserves the right to close (or reject) live accounts registered in certain countries.
  13. Casino cannot accept players from the following countries: United Kingdom, United States of America, Hungary, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France (France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories), Greece, Italy. (including the Vatican), South Africa, Armenia, Sweden, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, the Philippines, Portugal, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Estonia, India and the Netherlands.

Account procedure

  1. Players may close their accounts at any time. To facilitate this, please contact player support.
  2. When a player requests to close an account, the player's account balance becomes available for withdrawal. The usual funds required in paperwork will be requested.
  3. Players who have problems with gambling may close their accounts. Any funds left in the cash account will be refunded if possible. Bonuses are non-refundable; only funds in the cash account, limited by the size of the deposit.

Deposits / withdrawals and winnings

  1. Any deposit made to your account indicates to the casino that you intend to place bets. If your deposit has not been wagered at least once (1x), at the company's sole and absolute discretion, you may be allowed to withdraw money, subject to a processing fee of at least 10% of the amount withdrawn. In such circumstances, management has the right to withdraw processing fees at any time without notifying the player.
  2. Players can play in one of the following currencies: EUR, CAD and NZD. Please note that there is a minimum deposit of $ 10 / € and $ 20 for any bonus or free spins. Players should consider the convenience of the chosen currency in their geographic area.
  3. Casino reserves the right to cancel any winnings due to a hardware / software failure or malfunction. Players who turn out to abuse such errors are subject to the closure of their account and any deposits and / or winnings canceled. In the event of a software error, all bets will be void.
  4. Players will only be able to withdraw their 10,000 winnings per week in the player's currency. The remaining amount will be returned to the player's account until he is entitled to further withdrawal. In some cases, the casino management may not comply with this point. VIPs should refer to their benefits on Club Mate.
  5. Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount that can be processed by international bank transfer is 100 EUR / USD (or equivalent in another currency) as prescribed by our payment system. In addition, your banking institution or intermediaries used by your bank may charge a processing fee of up to € 35 / USD. Unfortunately, this does not depend on the casino.
  6. If you have received sign-up bonuses, provided you meet all wagering requirements, the maximum payout amount is limited to $ 5,000 and the remaining balance is forfeited.
  7. Sign-up bonus refers to casino-advertised welcome bonus offers or other bonuses earned on your first casino purchases.
  8. Your bet will be checked for any irregular play patterns before the withdrawal is processed. For the sake of fair play, even money, zero, low margin bets or hedging bets should be considered irregular play in order to claim a bonus pass.
  9. The time of withdrawal of funds depends on the status of the client's check. As part of our licensing requirements, we are required in certain circumstances to collect documentation of customer identity, address proof and / or proof of payment, and this may affect the approval period for revocation of processing.
  10. Withdrawals on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) are subject to a minimum waiting time of 24 hours, which means that you will have access to withdrawals for 24 hours or more upon request for withdrawal. All withdrawals made during the waiting period after 04:00 GMT on Fridays and weekends are subject to a deferred period ending the following Monday at. 04:00 GMT.
  11. All necessary documents can be submitted in one of the following ways: Send them an email to
  12. All requested supporting documentation must be received before the end of the waiting period. If you do not provide all the required documents, the money will be returned to your casino account.


  1. In addition to the general terms and conditions, certain terms and conditions apply to all promotions and special offers offered to players. These are found in promotional terms and conditions.
  2. Any promotion or giveaway made by the Casino for any kind of goods or cash does not include taxes, registration, licensing, insurance, postage or shipping, unless otherwise stated in the promotional terms.
  3. The player is responsible for paying all applicable taxes.


  1. You may not deposit cash if you have a positive bonus balance.
  2. There is a waiting period for all payments.
  3. Only non-deposited bonuses can be canceled.
  4. The aforementioned events require the player to meet the wagering requirements. Players must place a 40x bet before they are allowed to pay out.
  5. The above points are always the discretion of the casino management.
  6. Winnings are forfeited if a player withdraws from play at other casinos or in our subsidiary House of Jack casino due to gambling addiction and / or financial difficulties.

Privacy and Disputes

  1. Casino-Mate respects the player's confidential rights. All information about the players remains confidential and only an authorized person authorized and controlled by the organization has access to them. We will not disclose or share confidential player information. Any identification documentation will be used solely to identify the player who registered that casino account, ensure that the relevant information is transferred, and determine the legality of account registration and activity. Casino-Mate keeps all received documentation as well as personal account information related to the player confidential, safe and secure. Casino-Mate may transmit or disclose any such documentation or personal information, as required by law, to the appropriate authorities to prevent and solve crimes or any other duly authorized purpose from any government agency or as required by a competent court. Where applicable, Casino-Mate may also forward relevant documentation as proof of identity and / or transfer personal and account information to a third party for the purpose of reimbursing all amounts owed by Casino-Mate.
  2. In the event of a dispute over the outcome of a game, the player must lodge a complaint with Casino-Mate in writing within fourteen (14) days. In case of discrepancy between the result displayed in the casino software and the casino server software, the result displayed in the casino server software is the official and decisive casino result.
  3. All your transactions are digitally encrypted using advanced SSL and TLS technologies. These protocols use encryption algorithms to ensure the confidentiality and security of data transferred between you and the casino.
  4. We are licensed on Curacao and if a complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the player, the player has the right to forward such complaint to questions., where the player's complaint will be resolved by an intermediary.


Fraud / chargebacks:
  1. Funds are withheld in any case in connection with fraud and chargebacks. Only if these issues are resolved to our satisfaction will the player's account balance be refunded.
  2. It is illegal to deposit illegal funds with casino.
  3. Any criminal or suspicious activity will be reported.
  4. Casino material (received electronically or otherwise obtained) is automatically canceled if it is tampered with, distorted, altered, if it is unreadable, mechanically or electronically reproduced, received outside authorized legal channels, or if they contain printed, manufactured, typographic, mechanical, electronic or other defects.


  1. Games may be temporarily suspended due to maintenance. In this case, the casino will notify the player in advance.
  2. When the game is paused, the entire gameplay is considered an update.


  1. Update shows the result of the last game played when a player returns to that game. Refresh performs the following actions if the player is disconnected from the casino server or the Internet:
  2. If a player's computer is turned off before the results of the last game are displayed, the amount won or lost, the credit balance and the final state of the game are displayed when he returns to the game.
  3. If the game is interrupted, the player has an indefinite time to return to the game and update it.
  4. The player can examine the results of a game where the interruption was due to a system error by contacting support.
  5. All transactions (bets) within a gaming session can be investigated by contacting support.
  6. If a player's computer is turned off during a game, but he can still make decisions in the game, the player can end that game when he returns to it.
  7. If the request to participate in a new game does not reach the casino server before the player is suspended, the result of the previous game is displayed when he returns to the game.


  1. In the event of cancellation of the game, the player will be notified of the date and time at which the game was to be canceled.
  2. On this day, the game will be deleted and the player will no longer be able to start a new game session.
  3. Games may be deleted without notice in the event of technical failure and / or a legal requirement requiring immediate action.