How to Play and Win at Online Roulette: Complete Guide

Every day, gamblers are looking for new ways to get bright emotions and good winnings. Roulette is very popular among players. At first sight, this is not the most difficult game, but few people understand how to win Roulette every time. It is impossible to achieve 100% winnings, but it is quite possible to make your win more often than other players. All information and guidance to achieve this goal are in this article.

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Visually, Roulette is considered a fairly easy and simple game. But its simplicity is the main problem. There are many options for the player on how to place a bet. For example, if the casino Mate pokies in Australia offer winnings from the combinations that have fallen on the playing field, then in Roulette you need to name in advance which of the cells the ball will occupy. It seems that with such a set of cells (from 0 to 36), the player's chances of guessing are almost unreal. However, it is not. But to understand how to play Roulette and win you need to thoroughly understand its rules. And of course you need to know what safety signs of casinos are there to be guaranteed to win.

Roulette Rules

Having chosen a table, players choose the color of the chips for the duration of the game. They also choose what denomination and how many chips will be used for the bet. It is important to keep track of the bet amount so that it is the same as the minimum bet value. For a player to understand how do you win big money at online Roulette, he must understand the types of bets. In addition to the main bet, he can also make several additional inside or outside bets.

If the bet is played, the player receives back the amount of the bet and the winnings, according to the size of the bet and the payout ratio. If you lose, the money goes to those players who guessed the bet. Casino Mate Australia bets are divided into internal and external. Internal are bets on a specific number or group of numbers. External - bets on auxiliary elements. Internal bets are:

  • direct (to a specific number);
  • pair (a bet on 2 numbers adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically (then the chip is placed on the line between the numbers);
  • straight - bets on three numbers that go side by side horizontally (the chip must be placed on the line separating the field with numbers from the outer parts);
  • four of a kind - a bet on 4 adjacent numbers, a chip is placed at the intersection of numbers;
  • line - a bet on 6 numbers forming a horizontal line (the chip is placed on the dividing line between the numbers and the outer part);
  • basket - a bet on 3 numbers, among which at least once zero (3 chips are placed at the corner with the adjacent zone to the fields);
  • high line - a bet on 2 sectors, where there are zeros and one street (the chip is located between the sectors of the third number and the line).

Outside bets are:

  • for a specific number;
  • for even or odd numbers;
  • for a specific color;
  • columns - numbers within a vertical column of 12 cells with numbers;
  • by dozens (numbers between 1 and 12);
  • red snake - a combination with red fields, where the numbers resemble a zigzag curve.

As you can see, the player can make not the most standard bets, which increases his chances of winning.

What is the Trick to Win Roulette

Each player, running Roulette, strives to win. For many, winning comes through coincidence or luck. But experienced players use different strategies to ensure that online Roulette AU brings them a steady income. Several systems are based on mathematical approaches. But many of them work for this game. The main thing before each move is to think over your actions.

It is also important to remember that you need to play with a cool head. It is equally important to be careful and remember on which cells the ball often stops and bet on these sectors. Accordingly, the main secrets of success are attentiveness, prudence, and adherence to one's strategy.

What is the Smartest Bet in Roulette

Players understand that classic bets rarely lead them to victory. Therefore, they believe that it is more correct to use the so-called "smart bets". One of these bets for casino Mate is “two dozen”. The entire playing field consists of conditional 3 dozens. Accordingly, two bets on 2 dozen cover 66% of the game cells at once. This is a great option to cover most of the playing field and make money if the ball ends up in any sector with these numbers.

It may seem to some that these bets do not generate income. The income is more than obvious. Having made bets on 2 cells, the player in any case loses one of the chips. But the winning bet will be another, which brings the player 2 chips. Since playing Roulette at this rate is the most profitable, beginners should use it. Naturally, not forgetting that there are options in which the ball ends up in sectors from the third dozen. Then both bets of the player are losing.

Best Roulette Strategy

The best strategy will be the one that suits the player. You can't put everyone under the same mold. Moreover, using templates in the game is a step toward losing your money. For many players, real money Roulette online is not only a way to relax, but also an opportunity to make money. To decide on a strategy, study all the offers on the market, read the reviews of experienced players, and practice in the demo version.

On the Internet, you can find many strategies based on mathematical laws. But playing in a real online casino, players are faced with the fact that not all strategies work. When a user enters the casino Mate login and password from the account into the online casino, he does not want to lose money. And for that, they need the perfect strategy. For most players, the two-dozen-bet strategy is ideal. The main advantage is the overlap of most of the playing field. If you back up your bets with a few more adjacent ones, you can earn much more than 2 chips.

Online Roulette Tips

For beginners, it is extremely important to understand not only the basic rules but also how strategies work in the game. Users should not play aggressively, because such actions do not lead them to win. To have access to the account 24/7, players can use the casino Mate mobile version of the site. Through it, you can run Roulette on your smartphone. This feature is worth using more often to play and earn at any free minute.

For a player to make money by playing Roulette, he needs to thoroughly study the basic rules. Without knowing this and how to bet, he won't be able to win and any of the strategies won't work. Therefore, study the Roulette guide and play only after you are sure that you have understood everything correctly. It is also important to hone your skills. So that you don’t have to pay for the experience, run demo versions of games and improve your skills there. In addition, beginners are often advised to:

  • keep an eye on your bankroll;
  • at the beginning, make only outside bets;
  • do not believe in hot and cold streaks, each round is a new stage;
  • stick to your strategy no matter what happens.

Also, do not forget that in gambling without luck you are nowhere. Therefore, if you lose more often today, it is better to stop and continue playing the next day.